News and Updates

What's the next step for the Watershed Game?

The Local Leader Version of the Watershed Game was recently updated with a Coast Model of the game. The next step is to convert the game to a Classroom Version which can be used in coastal areas including the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, and Great Lakes Coast.

These updates to the Coast Model are made possible through financial and in-kind support from the University of Minnesota Sea Grant, University of Minnesota Water Resources Center, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office for Coastal Management, Louisiana Sea Grant, Georgia Sea Grant, Alabama Water Institute and the NOAA Central Region and Gulf Coast Collaboration Teams and the National Sea Grant Office.

Where has the Classroom Version of the game been played?

The map below shows where the Classroom Version of the Watershed Game has been purchased between 2018 and 2021. The game has been in hundreds of classrooms across the country since its creation in 2006.


Scholarly Publications

Karen Bareford, Cynthia Hagley, John Bilotta, Tina Miller-Way, Madison Rodman, Jesse Schomberg, Brenna Sweetman, Informing the Development of the Coast Model of the Watershed Game. Journal of Contemporary Water Research Education. Volume 174, Issue 1, p. 120-138, (2021).