Educators playing the Minnesota Sea Grant Watershed Game aboard the Vista Queen.

The Watershed Game is a series of active, hands-on simulation activities used in 20 states that help participants learn how land use affects water quality and natural resources. Image credit: Cait Dettmann/MNSG.

Working together to improve water quality

The Watershed Game logo

Participants in the Watershed Game learn about practices, plans, and policies that improve and protect the quality of a stream, lake, river or coastal region while making management choices about land use in a fun, and low-stress environment.

The object of this team-building simulation is for each participant or team to use limited financial resources to reduce excess nonpoint source pollution (e.g., excess sediment, nitrogen and/or phosphorus) to levels that meet a clean water goal. The Watershed Game illustrates that cooperation is an essential part of managing water and land use. Participants learn to consider and involve all land uses within a watershed as they work to achieve their clean water goals.