Research Funding Opportunities

Aerial view of Minnesota's Twin Ports, St. Louis River Estuary, and Lake Superior.

Aerial view of the Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin, including the St. Louis River Estuary (foreground) and the western arm of Lake Superior. Image credit: University of Minnesota Duluth.

What. Minnesota Sea Grant funds research to address challenges facing Minnesota’s aquatic resources and coastal communities. Minnesota-based researchers are invited to apply and use their innovation and skills for the benefit of Minnesota and the Great Lakes region.

When. Our major funding effort occurs every two years through our Request for Proposals (RFP). We release our RFP in the fall of even years and accept proposals in the spring of odd years.

Can't wait? Have an idea but don’t want to wait? Check out our Fast-Track Grants.

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Questions about funding opportunities should be directed to Minnesota Sea Grant Research and Fellowship Coordinator Alex Frie

Open Opportunities

Minnesota Sea Grant (MNSG) offers fast-track and/or program development grants of up to $10,000 (cost-share or match not required) in direct costs for projects of up to six months in duration. Proposals should address urgent needs and/or support exploratory research that will form the basis for the submission of a larger proposal. Proposals must support goals and outcomes outlined within the MNSG 2024-2027 Strategic PlanImage credit: University of Minnesota Duluth.

Closed Opportunities

Minnesota Sea Grant (MNSG) 2024-2026 Biennial RFP. We are seeking proposals for projects based in Minnesota and that support one or more goals, actions, or outcomes

Up to $3 million per project is available to support innovative research to application projects that will address the prevention and removal of marine debris  ($16 million total).

Up to $300,000 per project will be available to support the creation of coalitions and partnerships to address marine debris prevention and removal ($3 million total).

Funding opportunity for proposals that integrate research, its application, and community engagement in thematic areas of long-term coastal evolution, extreme storms, and human and ecosystem health

This RFP has closed. Minnesota Sea Grant has a special joint Request for Proposals (RFP) with the Ohio and Wisconsin Sea Grant program for research on harmful and nuisanc