Scholarly Articles

Title Authors Publication Date
Combining Flexible and Sustainable Design Principles for Evaluating Designs: Textile Recycling Application Teixeira Franca Alves, P. H., Bahr, G., Clarke-Sather, A. R., and Maurer-Jones, M. A.
Small microplastic particles in Lake Superior: a preliminary study coupling Nile Red staining, flow cytometry and pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Minor, E.C., Gomes, U.D., Schreiner, K.M., Poulton, N.J., Hendrickson, E. and Maurer-Jones, M.A.
Field testing of an enzymatic quorum quencher coating additive to reduce biocorrosion of steel Huang S, Bergonzi C, Smith S, Hicks RE, Elias MH
Voter evaluations regarding the tradeoffs between agricultural production and water quality in Lake Erie Melstrom, Richard T., Malone, Trey
Opening the black box of winter: Full-year dynamics of crustacean zooplankton along a nearshore depth gradient in a large lake Shchapov, K. and Ozersky, T.
Normative Basis for Climate-Related Civic Engagement by Residents of Lake Superior’s North Shore region. Pradhananga, A. K., Green, E. K., Shepard, J., & Davenport, M. A.
Microplastics in the Water Column of Western Lake Superior Fox, John M. Schwoerer, Guenter D. Schreiner, Kathryn M. Minor, Elizabeth C Maurer-Jones, Melissa A.
Regional, multi-lake anthropogenic changes revealed through macroscale paleolimnology of diatom assemblages Reavie, E. D., K. E. Kovalenko, M. B. Edlund & J. M. Ramstack Hobbs
Sulfur Geochemistry Destabilizes Population Oscillations of Wild Rice (Zizania palustris) LaFond-Hudson, S., Johnson, N. W., Pastor, J., & Dewey, B.
A data-driven analysis of inhomogeneous wave field based on two-dimensional Hilbert-Huang transform. Xuanting Hao, Lian Shen
Gonadal Development in Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) reared in the absence and presence of 17-α-ethinylestradiol Sarah M. Kadlec, Brett R. Blackwell, Chad A. Blanksma, Rodney D. Johnson, Jennifer H. Olker, Patrick K. Schoff, David R. Mount
Ultra-Rapid Laser Calorimetry for the Assessment of Crystallization in Low-Concentration Cryoprotectants Kangas, J., Zhan, L., Liu, Y., Natesan, H., Khosla, K., and Bischof, J.
An improved adjoint-based ocean wave reconstruction and prediction method Hao, Xuanting and Shen, Lian
The Role of Ester Sulfate and Organic Disulfide in Mercury Methylation in Peatland Soils Caroline E. Pierce, Olha S. Furman, Sarah L. Nicholas, Jill Coleman Wasik, Caitlin M. Gionfriddo, Ann M. Wymore, Stephen D. Sebestyen, Randall K. Kolka, Carl P.J. Mitchell, Natalie A. Griffiths, Dwayne A. Elias, Edward A. Nater, Brandy M. Toner
Taxonomic and functional differences between winter and summer crustacean zooplankton communities in lakes across a trophic gradient Kirill Shchapov, Paul Wilburn, Andrew J. Bramburger, Greg M. Silsbe, Leif Olmanson, Christopher J. Crawford, Elena Litchman and Ted Ozersky
The Economic Value of the Cruise Industry to the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Statistical Area Monica Haynes, Gina Chiodi, Nathan Brand, Haakan Thorsgard, Ben Palmquist, Daniel Ye
The influence of community attachment and environmental concern on climate-related civic engagement in Lake Superior’s north shore region Amit K. Pradhananga, Emily K. Green, Jennifer Shepard, Mae A. Davenport
Climate change and nature-based tourism: How do different types of visitors respond? Allie McCreary, Erin Seekamp, Lincoln R. Larson, Jordan W. Smith, Mae A. Davenport
Competition between Invasive ruffe (Gymnocephalus cernua)and native yellow perch (Perca flavescens) in experimental mesocosms Raymond M. Newman, Fred G. Henson, Carl Richards
Climate change and angling behavior on the North shore of Lake Superior Adam Hestetune, Paul M. Jakus, Christopher Monz, Jordan W. Smith