What is the Local Leader Version?

Stream, river, lake and coast watershed gameboards overlaid on an actual watershed

The Watershed Game (WSG) for Local Leaders is designed for use with groups of up to 25 players comprised of elected and appointed officials, members of watershed organizations, association members, and other community leaders and group members.

The WSG is an interactive tool that helps individuals understand the connection between land use and water quality. Participants learn how a variety of land uses impact water and natural resources, increase their knowledge of best management practices (BMPs), and learn how their choices can prevent adverse impacts. Participants apply plans, practices, and policies that help them achieve a water quality goal for a stream, lake, river, or coastal estuary.

The Local Leader Version Comes in Four Tabletop Models: Stream, River, Lake and Coast

Training for the Local Leader Version is recommended prior to purchasing a game. Learn about upcoming trainings or contact a local trainer of the WSG.

Stream Model

River Model

Lake Model

Coast Model