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How is aquaculture done in the Great Lakes Region?

How is aquaculture regulated and managed in the U.S.?

Interested in starting an aquaculture business?

What are some other useful resources for getting started in the aquaculture business?

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What is aquaculture and why does there seem to be so much attention on farm raised seafood products recently?

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A website that provides a comprehensive overview of aquaculture production in the United States, along with resources covering safety, best aquaculture practices, and importation and domestic production statistics.
  • University of Wisconsin Sea. Aquaculture and You Podcast. A podcast series that discusses aspects of aquaculture and features interviews with various aquaculture industry members. 
  • The Global Seafood Alliance. A website from an aquaculture advocacy organization that “ … advances responsible seafood practices worldwide through education, advocacy and demonstration. GSA convenes seafood industry leaders, academia and NGOs to collaborate on cross-cutting issues like environmental and social responsibility, animal health and welfare, food safety and more. GSA is a membership-driven organization. Members include certified producers, corporations and individuals.” 

What should I know before purchasing and consuming farm raised seafood?

Is aquaculture sustainable for the environment and economy?

Where can I buy locally grown seafood?

  • Sea Grant’s Great Lake Fresh Fish Finder ( A website and interactive map to help consumers find farm-raised and wild-caught seafood, producers, and retailers in the Great Lakes region.
  • Sea Grant’s Eat Midwest fish. A website offering resources to educate consumers about sustainable aquaculture in the Midwest.
  • Sea Grant’s Eat Wisconsin Fish.  A website offering information about food fish that are commercially harvested or farmed in Wisconsin.

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Where can I find resources for introducing students to aquaculture?

Where can I find other activities and resources for the classroom?