Sunrise over Lake Superior with a lighthouse in the background, and piles of ice in the foreground.

We serve Minnesotans who need water science. We provide accessible research data to industry leaders, policymakers, educators, community organizations, municipal governments, university stakeholders, and Minnesotans of all ages. If the needed science doesn't exist, we seek to fund it and work to ensure it gets to those in need.”


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This ice-in and ice-out widget is a bit of science fun to show you how to estimate when a body of water like a lake is likely to freeze or thaw.

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Minnesota Sea Grant's communication team seeks a Communications Associate. We are a small, no-drama team seeking a colleague skilled at accurately and effectively translating scientific information into user-friendly language, coordinating metrics, figuring things out, and being an efficient part of our crew. Sea Grant is all about science. Facts and accuracy are paramount.