Educator Resources Program

Sea Grant works to create a diverse workforce trained in Great Lakes and marine science, technology, engineering, mathematics, law and policy. Training programs and education materials help build an environmentally literate workforce that understands and uses the best available science to make informed decisions.

Winter Dynamics of Invertebrates in Trout Streams of Minnesota and Wisconsin: How Can the Public Connect with and Contribute to Research?

The Center for Great Lakes Literacy (CGLL) helps create a Great Lakes-literate public capable of effectively contributing to the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the Great Lakes.

Sea Grant's shipboard science workshops are part of the Center for Great Lakes Literacy and help transform teachers into motivated Great Lakes educators.

The Students Ask Scientists project is part of the Center for Great Lakes Literacy and helps enable teachers to provide their students in grades five to 12 with an opportunity to ask questions of working scientists, improve their understanding of the Great Lakes, and help them gain insights into what a career in science might be like.