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Earth's Eye: Occasional column

March 2021: Lake and River Ice: Formation and Classification


  • Limnology, aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry, fisheries, lake management and restoration, eutrophication, harmful algae blooms, groundwater, biodiversity, endangered species, carbon cycling, global role of lakes and streams
  • Research, education and science policy
  • Professor, Department of Biology and with Large Lakes Observatory (UMD)
  • Immediate past chair, Council of Scientific Society Presidents
  • Immediate past president, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography




Ph.D. - Biology
McGill University
M.S. - Zoology
North Dakota State University
B.S. - Biology
Hamline University

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Outreach Projects

This project seeks to determine the potential for a sustainable food-fish aquaculture industry in Minnesota.

The Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative (GLAC) is a three-year (2019-2022) project to create a regionwide group to foster relevant, science-based initiatives that support aquaculture industries.

History, prevention, kits, rescue, field treatment and more about hypothermia.