Madison Rodman

Madison Rodman headshot
Professional Title
Resilience Extension Educator

What I do for Sea Grant

As an extension educator my work focuses on strengthening Lake Superior’s coastal communities, economies, and their environments to better prepare for and respond to extreme weather events and changes in climate trends.

Value of what I do for Minnesotans

I help Minnesotans to become more weather and climate resilient by building awareness around changing conditions in and around Lake Superior and Minnesota’s inland waters and by providing resources on how to plan for and adapt to future conditions.


M.S. - Botany and Plant Pathology (ecology concentration)
Oregon State University
B.S. - Plant Biology
University of Minnesota

Outreach Projects

CHAOS is a platform for engaging local community leaders, managers, researchers, and communicators with a shared concern about coastal hazards and their impacts. 

The Great Lakes One Water project brings together a diverse community leadership team focused on equitable access to information and participation in planning and strategies.

Community conversations about climate change.