Scholarly Articles

Title Authors Publication Date
The emergence of the vasopressin and oxytocin hormone receptor gene family lineage: Clues from the characterization of vasotocin receptors in the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) Sally A. Mayasich, Benjamin L. Clarke
Nitrogen cycling in a freshwater estuary Luke C. Loken, Gaston E. Small, Jacques C. Finlay, Robert W. Sterner, Emily H. Stanley
Foraging mechanisms of siscowet lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush siscowet) on pelagic prey Trevor D. Keyler, Thomas R. Hrabik, C. L. Austin, Owen T. Gorman, Allen F. Mensinger
Organic matter transfer in Lake Superior's food web: Insights from bulk and molecular stable isotope and radiocarbon analyses Brittany R. Kruger, Josef P. Werne, Donn K. Branstrator, Thomas R. Hrabik, Y. Chikaraishi, N. Ohkouchi, Elizabeth C. Minor
Biogeochemical characteristics of settling particulate organic matter in Lake Superior: A seasonal comparison Hongyu Li, Elizabeth C. Minor
Linking place-based science to people through spatial narratives of coastal stewardship Janet M. Silbernagel, George Host, Cynthia Hagley, D. Hart, Rich Axler, Roseann Fortner,
Patterns in diurnal airspace use by migratory landbirds along an ecological barrier Anna C. Peterson, Gerald J. Niemi, Douglas H. Johnson
Anthropogenic influences on the sedimentary geochemical record in western Lake Superior (1800-present) Molly D. O'Beirne, Ladislaus J. Strzok, Josef P. Werne, Thomas C. Johnson, Robert E. Hecky
Building coastal climate readiness along the north shore of Lake Superior Karly Bitsura-Meszaros, Allie McCreary, Jordan W. Smith, Erin Seekamp, Mae A. Davenport, John Nieber, Bruce Wilson, Dorothy H. Anderson, Cynthia messer, Mark Kanazawa
Evaluating a Great Lakes scale landscape stressor index to assess water quality in the St. Louis River Area of Concern Will M. Bartsch, Richard P. Axler, George E. Host
Visual sensitivity of deepwater fishes in Lake Superior Kelly A. Harrington, Thomas R. Hrabik, Allen F. Mensinger
Factors affecting the measurement of CDOM by remote sensing of optically complex inland waters Patrick L. Brezonik, Leif G. Olmanson, Jacques C. Finlay, Marvin E. Bauer
A paleolimnological assessment of human impacts on Lake Superior Victoria L. Shaw Chraibi, Amy R. Kireta, Euan D. Reavie, Meijun Cai, Terry N. Brown
Laurentian Great Lakes phytoplankton and their water quality characteristics, including a diatom-based model for paleoreconstruction of phosphorus Euan D. Reavie, Adam J. Heathcote, Victoria L. Shaw Chraibi
Predation risk and prey fish vertical migration in Lake Superior: Insights from an individual based model of siscowet (Salvelinus namaycush) Thomas R. Hrabik, Brian M. Roth, Tyler Ahrenstorff
Depth gradients in food-web processes linking habitats in large lakes: Lake Superior as an exemplar ecosystem Michael E. Sierszen, Thomas R. Hrabik, Jason D. Stockwell, Anne M. Cotter, Joel C. Hoffman, Daniel L. Yule
Estimating sediment and nutrient loads in four western Lake Superior streams Elaine M. Ruzycki, Richard P. Axler, George E. Host, Jerald R. Henneck, Norman R. Will
The effect of a flood pulse on the water column of western Lake Superior, USA Elizabeth C. Minor, Brandy Forsman, Stephanie J. Guildford
Decay of genetic markers for fecal bacterial indicators and pathogens in sand from Lake Superior Jessica J. Eichmiller, Andrew J. Borchert, Michael J. Sadowsky, Randall E. Hicks
Effects of chemical and physical conditions on hatching success of Bythotrephes longimanus resting eggs Donn K. Branstrator, Lyle J. Shannon, Meghan E. Brown, Marte T. Kitson