John Bilotta

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Professional Title
Water Resource Management and Policy Extension Educator

What I do for Sea Grant

  • NEMO - Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials
  • Stormwater and green infrastructure policy and planning for municipal and local governmental units
  • Stormwater best management practice (BMP) education and training for professionals
  • Natural resource education program development and delivery
  • Co-lead and/or coordinator for water resource education programs including the Minnesota Stormwater Research Council, the Minnesota Water Resources Conference, and the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Conference
  • Joint appointment with Minnesota Sea Grant and Minnesota Land Grant Programs


Current PhD student Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Public Water Policy
M.S. - Soil Science
Soil Fertility
B.S. - Natural Resources & Environmental Studies
Soil Resources

Outreach Projects

The Watershed Game is an interactive, educational tool for local community leaders and educators that helps individuals understand the connection betwee

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Extension Columns

The October extension column is by Minnesota Sea Grant and Water Resources Center Water Resource Management and Policy Extension Educator John Bilotta

Stormwater best management practices established through research are used to prevent and minimize impact to local water resources. The sediment traps, forebays, infiltration basins, rock inlets and other practices (shown in the June 2022 photo above) manage stormwater runoff from this parking lot adjacent to Bassett Creek in Minneapolis.  They slow the runoff by controlling its release and promoting infiltration into the soil and minimize the pollutants reaching the creek. Photo credit: J. Bilotta.