Twin Ports Climate Conversation: MN CliMAT - A Tool for Visualizing Different Climate Futures at a Local Scale Across Minnesota

MN CliMAT, an MNSG funded interactive online tool, allows Minnesotans to access highly localized climate projections, including temperature, precipitation, ice cover, soil moisture and 30+ other variables. This tool and the data it provides allows Minnesotans to receive localized information to make locally relevant decisions and prepare for the effects of a changing climate. Users can view projections down to the 2.5-mile scale, visualizing how even towns may be impacted in the coming decades. 
In this webinar, participants will have the chance to learn about future climate information for Minnesota and how to use the MN CliMAT tool within the arrowhead region of Minnesota. While primarily focused on Minnesota, MN CliMAT also includes projections and data for the majority of Wisconsin.

TPCC is a monthly opportunity for community dialogue about questions of climate change. TPCC covers different topics monthly, focusing on perspectives of climate change impacts, adaptation responses, and opportunities for mitigation and resilience. Join the conversation.


  • Dr. Suzi Clark, Climate Adaptation & Resilience Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership. 
    • Clark studied Environmental Science at UCLA and earned her PhD in Physical Oceanography from the MIT - Woods Hole Joint Program in Oceanography. Prior to joining the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP), she has lived and worked in a variety of places, from Southern California to Germany to New England, and researched topics including harmful algal blooms, renewable energy, and climate change. As a Climate Adaptation and Resilience Extension Educator with MCAP, Clark leads applied research and educational programs focused on adapting to climate change in Minnesota, with a particular focus on water resources. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Noon to 1:00 p.m. CT

Registration is required to attend this virtual event.

Event Coordinators & Collaborators

Madison Rodman, Minnesota Sea Grant Resilience Extension Educator.

Image credit: John Downing/MNSG.