Scholarly Articles

Title Authors Publication Date
Research note: Climate change and the demand for summer tourism on Minnesota's North Shore Adam Hestetune, Allie McCreary, Kerry Holmberg, Bruce Wilson, Erin Seekamp, Mae A. Davenport, Jordan W. Smith
Influence of library composition on SourceTracker predictions for community-based microbial source tracking Clairessa M. Brown, Prince P. Mathai, Tina Loesekann, Christopher Staley, and Michael J. Sadowsky
Iron sulfide formation on root surfaces controlled by the life cycle of wild rice (Zizania palustris) Sophia LaFond-Hudson, Nathan W. Johnson, John Pastor, Brad Dewey
Direct numerical simulation of wind turbulence over breaking waves Zixuan Yang, Bing-Qing Deng, Lian Shen
Fecal pollution: new trends and challenges in microbial source tracking using next-generation sequencing Tatsuya Unno, Christopher Staley, Clairessa M. Brown, Bukki Han, Michael J. Sadowsky, Hor-Gil Hur
Tale of two storms: Impact of extreme rain events on the biogeochemistry of Lake Superior Ellen M. Cooney, Paul McKinney, Robert Sterner, Gaston E. Small, Elizabeth C. Minor
Paleolimnology of a freshwater estuary to inform Area of Concern nutrient delisting efforts Elizabeth E. Alexson, Euan D. Reavie, Richard P. Axler, Sergiy V. Yemets, Pavel A. Brasutsky, Mark B. Edlund, Robert W. Pillsbury, Diane Desotelle
Increase in nutrients, mercury, and methylmercury as a consequence of elevated sulfate reduction to sulfide in experimental wetland mesocosms Amy Myrbo, Edward B. Swain, Nathan W. Johnson, Dan R. Engstrom, John Pastor, Brad Dewey, Philip Monson, Jeffrey Brenner, Marta Dykhuizen Shore, Emily B. Peters
Pollen and phytolith paleoecology in the St. Louis River Estuary, Minnesota, USA, with special consideration of Zizania palustris L. Andrea M. Nurse, Euan D. Reavie, Jammi L. Ladwig, Chad L. Yost
Testicular oocytes in smallmouth bass in northeastern Minnesota in relation to varying levels of human activity Sarah M. Kadlec, Rodney D. Johnson, David R. Mount, Jennifer H. Olker, Brian D Borkholder, Patrick K. Schoff
A high-throughput DNA-sequencing approach for determining sources of fecal bacteria in a Lake Superior Estuary Clairessa M. Brown, Christopher Staley, Ping Wang, Brent Dalzell, Chan Lan Chun, Michael J. Sadowsky
Anthropogenic climate change has altered primary productivity in Lake Superior Molly D. O'Beirne, Josef P. Werne, Robert E. Hecky, Thomas C. Johnson, Sergei Katsev, Euan D. Reavie
Colonization dynamics of the invasive predatory cladoceran, Bythotrephes longimanus, inferred from sediment records Donn K. Branstrator, Ashley E. Beranek, Meghan E. Brown, Leif K. Hembre, Daniel R. Engstrom
Comparison of Landsat 8 and Landsat 7 for regional measurements of CDOM and water clarity in lakes Leif G. Olmanson, Patrick L. Brezonik, Jacques C. Finlay, Marvin E. Bauer
Effects of sulfate and sulfide on the life cycle of Zizania palustris in hydroponic and mesocosm experiments John Pastor, Brad Dewey, Nathan W. Johnson, Edward B. Swain, Philip Monson, Emily B. Peters, Amy Myrbo
Shifting demand for winter outdoor recreation along the North Shore of Lake Superior under variable rates of climate change: A-finite-mixture modeling approach Jordan W. Smith, Erin Seekamp, Allie McCreary, Mae Davenport, Mark Kanazawa, Kerry Homberg, Bruce Wilson, John Nieber
The emergence of the vasopressin and oxytocin hormone receptor gene family lineage: Clues from the characterization of vasotocin receptors in the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) Sally A. Mayasich, Benjamin L. Clarke
Nitrogen cycling in a freshwater estuary Luke C. Loken, Gaston E. Small, Jacques C. Finlay, Robert W. Sterner, Emily H. Stanley
Foraging mechanisms of siscowet lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush siscowet) on pelagic prey Trevor D. Keyler, Thomas R. Hrabik, C. L. Austin, Owen T. Gorman, Allen F. Mensinger
Organic matter transfer in Lake Superior's food web: Insights from bulk and molecular stable isotope and radiocarbon analyses Brittany R. Kruger, Josef P. Werne, Donn K. Branstrator, Thomas R. Hrabik, Y. Chikaraishi, N. Ohkouchi, Elizabeth C. Minor