Proposal Forms and Documents

Proposal Forms and Documents

Submission of most components for proposals will take place within our our web-based eSeaGrant system for submitting, reviewing, updating, and tracking proposals and projects. To register for eSeaGrant, the lead principal investigator on the proposal to be submitted must email MNSG Research and Fellowship Coordinator Alexander Frie to request access (note that access may take seven (7) days).

Not all proposal and grant management forms are available in eSeaGrant. The following forms may be required by eSeaGrant but require that you download them from this page, complete them, and upload the completed forms as attachments within eSeaGrant.

You can access the National Sea Grant Forms and Templates page here.

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CV and other forms

One-page CV template

Minnesota Sea Grant's one-page curriculum vitae template.

Budget Forms

Save a copy of each of the forms below and add your content to your saved copy. Contact Minnesota Sea Grant Fiscal Officer Peter Thibault for questions about these forms.

Use the Budget Justification Form below to create an appropriate budget justification to accompany your proposal budget.

Use the Budget Template below for proposal applications submitted for 2022-2024, including fast-track and start-up grant applications and special calls for proposals.

Refer to the following documents as needed

Data Management Plan

The data management form is a federal requirement. For questions about this form contact Valerie Brady

Minnesota Sea Grant Data Management Form.

Environmental Compliance Questionnaire

Use this form only when directed to do so by Valerie Brady.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).