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Welcome to what we hope is a useful resource for Minnesota aquaculture farmers and anyone looking for information about fish farming in Minnesota.

  • The information here is not exhaustive; it is a curated list of resources selected by our fisheries and aquaculture extension educator and fisheries specialist.
  • We invite you to check out our other aquaculture projects for detailed information about topics those projects address. 
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The following is a curated alphabetical list of websites we think you'll find useful.

Eat Midwest Fish is an online resource hub that educates consumers about sustainable aquaculture in the Midwest.

Eat Wisconsin Fish is a source for information about food fish that are commercially harvested or farmed in Wisconsin.

Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative is a three-year (Sept. 1, 2019 to Aug. 31, 2022) federally funded project that seeks to create a regionwide group to foster relevant, science based initiatives that support aquaculture industries in the Great Lakes region that are environmentally responsible, competitive, and sustainable.

Minnesota Aquaculture Association. MNAA was formed in 2019 to support aquaculture in Minnesota.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries and Aquaculture. NOAA's information on aquaculture regulation and policy, science and technology, regional activities, outreach and education, and opportunity areas.

NOAA: Guide to Federal Aquaculture Grant Services. Federal agencies collaborated to create a Guide to Federal Aquaculture Grant Services that focuses on federal grant programs that aquaculture producers, researchers, and other stakeholders may be eligible for.

North Central Regional Aquaculture Center.

Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility.

Wisconsin Aquaculture Association.

Great Lakes Sea Grant programs with aquaculture-specific web content:

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