Fish, Food, and Aquaculture Program

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A curated selection of aquaculture resources and why Minnesota Sea Grant is involved in aquaculture.

This project seeks to determine the potential for a sustainable food-fish aquaculture industry in Minnesota.

This project seeks to understand the little known ecological effects of hybrid/narrowleaf cattail on nearshore lake communities across Minnesota.

This project seeks to develop producer-scale methods for raising Yellow Perch fish from egg to market size.

This project seeks to develop scenarios for the effective processing and distribution of aquaculture and commercial fisheries products in Minnesota.

The Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative (GLAC) is a three-year (2019-2022) project to create a regionwide group to foster relevant, science-based initiatives that support aquaculture industries. was developed to meet a need to directly connect fish producers with consumers after the disruption of traditional markets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Winter Dynamics of Invertebrates in Trout Streams of Minnesota and Wisconsin: How Can the Public Connect with and Contribute to Research?