Don Schreiner

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Professional Title
Fisheries Specialist


I am a fisheries biologist with more than 35 years of experience managing fisheries in Minnesota, the last 25 years working on Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. I volunteer and am employed part-time as an outreach specialist and educator with Minnesota Sea Grant. My work focuses on transferring technical fisheries information to interested public in a concise and easily understood manner. I address specific questions and issues that are associated with the recreational fisheries statewide along with recreational, commercial and charter fisheries on Lake Superior. I am also involved with exploring environmentally sound aquaculture practices in Minnesota.


  • Management of recreational, commercial and charter fisheries
  • Population dynamics and fish community interactions
  • Stream habitat restoration.
  • Use of public participation processes in natural resource management
  • Aquaculture/Aquaponics

Value of what I do for Minnesotans

My work helps Minnesotans develop a better understanding of fisheries management, the importance of aquatic habitat protection, the potential role for aquaculture, and the value of the fisheries resource to the state of Minnesota.


M.S. - Fisheries Science
(Minor: Statistics)
University of Minnesota
B.S. - Zoology
(Minor: Aerospace Studies and Botany)
North Dakota State University

Outreach Projects

This project seeks to determine the potential for a sustainable food-fish aquaculture industry in Minnesota.

This project seeks to develop producer-scale methods for raising Yellow Perch fish from egg to market size.

This project seeks to develop scenarios for the effective processing and distribution of aquaculture and commercial fisheries products in Minnesota.

The Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative (GLAC) is a three-year (2019-2022) project to create a regionwide group to foster relevant, science-based initiatives that support aquaculture industries.

This three-year project seeks to demonstrate new strategies for the in-state production of Golden Shiner bait fish, which are in high demand by anglers, bu

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This is one of several food-fish aquaculture projects led by the University of Minnesota Sea Grant program.

Duluth, Minnesota - Great Lakes states are not keeping pace with increases in consumer demand for fish and seafood, which is contributing to a