Twin Ports Climate Conversations: Sustainability and Climate Action in Duluth

Twin Ports Climate Conversations: Sustainability and Climate Action in Duluth
12/15/20, 12:00 pm - 12/15/20, 1:00 pm

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With an abundance of natural resources and a reputation as an outdoors city, sustainability has been an important value in the city of Duluth. Previous and current efforts include elimination of sanitary sewer overflows, a carbon reduction goal (80% reduction of carbon from city operations by 2050), the establishment of an Energy Fund, creation of a Duluth Natural Areas Plan, improving access to the outdoors through trail and park systems, and engaging in watershed outreach to protect our streams and Lake Superior.

The hiring of a sustainability officer in the city demonstrates a commitment to integration of environmental goals with economic and social systems. This new position reports to the chief administrative officer, giving sustainability and resiliency a seat at the leadership team’s table. Mindy Granley brings her whole self— head and heart—to this work at the city. She will share how her work is helping increase capacity, connect departments, strengthen partnerships, leverage external resources, identify new strategies, and embed sustainability and climate action into decision-making for the city.


City of Duluth Sustainability Officer Mindy Granley.


Minnesota Sea Grant resilience Extension Educator Madison Rodman.