Twin Ports Climate Conversation: Solastalgia

What is it? How is it Affecting Minnesotans? What are Some Next Steps?


Please join us as we reflect on solastalgia and climate change impacts in Minnesota. Leah Prussia will lead the presentation and share her experience with solastalgia. She will discuss her research, in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Health, on an examination of climate change effects on mental well-being, related anxiety, and distress in Minnesotans.

Solastalgia is used here to describe a human condition and specifically refers to distress caused by environmental change. Current understanding of solastalgia expands the definition to be the mental, emotional, and/or spiritual reaction of an individual, group, or community to negative transformation of their environment.


Leah Prussia is a self-described tree-hugging dirt worshiper. She blends Indigenous teachings from nature, Peter Levine's somatic experience work, relational-cultural theory, and cognitive-behavioral approaches to address the biopsychosocial and spiritual aspects of individuals, groups, and communities. Her background includes knowledge and practice in mental health services, substance use, trauma, and program administration. Leah is a licensed independent clinical social worker in Minnesota, a full-time associate professor in the master of social work program at the College of St. Scholastica, and an adjunct professor at Fond Du Lac Tribal & Community College.

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Minnesota Sea Grant Resilience Extension Educator Madison Rodman.