Practical Water Wisdom: Understanding Minnesota's Changing Climate

Practical Water Wisdom: Understanding Minnesota's Changing Climate
8/4/22, 12:00 pm - 8/4/22, 1:00 pm


This event is part of Itasca Waters Practical Water Wisdom: A Virtual Learning Series with new installments on the first Thursday of each month through November 3, 2022.

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Minnesota’s climate has its ups, downs, and extremes, but it is also experiencing changes unlike anything observed previously. Kenny Blumenfeld, senior climatologist for the Minnesota State Climate Office will break down observed trends in Minnesota’s climate to its essential points, emphasizing the ongoing changes in the quantity, timing, and intensity of precipitation, the rapid rate of winter warming, and how these changes have affected water features in Minnesota. Blumenfeld will also share what lies ahead for Minnesota's climate, according to the best available science.


Kenny Blumenfeld, senior climatologist, Minnesota State Climate Office,


Minnesota Sea Grant Director, John A. Downing,

Image credit: University of Minnesota Duluth.