Practical Water Wisdom: Supernatural Lakes

Monsters, Ghosts, Witches, Fairies, and Aliens


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Kick your Halloween off the aquatic way and learn some strange and supernatural things about lakes!

Who better to share tales of supernatural lakes than a lake scientist, also called a limnologist? 

For centuries, people have looked at lakes and ponds as places of mystery, wonder and the unknown. As a Halloween treat, Minnesota Sea Grant Director John A. Downing will talk about supernatural lakes and tell stories of lake monsters, lake ghosts, lake witches, wicked water fairies and even aliens harbored beneath the seemingly serene waters of lakes around the world.

Practical Water Wisdom: A Virtual Learning Series is presented by Itasca Waters with support from:


John A. Downing, director, Minnesota Sea Grant.


John A. Downing, director, Minnesota Sea Grant.

Image credit: Adobe Stock

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