Practical Water Wisdom: Ice Formation and Melting On Lakes

What We Know and Why It Matters
Practical Water Wisdom: Ice Formation and Melting On Lakes
11/2/23, 12:00 pm - 11/2/23, 1:00 pm


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The winter season in Minnesota is beloved by many in the state, and for some, lake ice is the draw. The ice season on Minnesota lakes is shorter than it used to be and many lakes around the world have been experiencing similar changes over the past century. With less reliable ice there is a loss to the cultural, social, and economic benefits of ice-related winter activities in Minnesota and other northern areas.

In this presentation, freshwater ecologist Leslie Knoll will discuss the work that is being done to understand how warmer winters, with less ice cover and increased temperatures, affects lake biology in the winter and into the summer. Leslie will also discuss the implications of losing lake ice in Minnesota and beyond.

Practical Water Wisdom: A Virtual Learning Series is presented by Itasca Waters with support from:


Lesley Knoll, assistant professor, Department of Biology, Miami University (Ohio).


John A. Downing, director, Minnesota Sea Grant.

Image credit: M. Thoms