Practical Water Wisdom: How Healthy Is Your Well?

Practical Water Wisdom: How Healthy Is Your Well?
9/7/23, 12:00 pm - 9/7/23, 1:00 pm


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In much of rural Minnesota residents rely on private wells as their drinking water source. Starting in 1974 construction of private wells was regulated by the state of Minnesota but any maintenance after installation is the responsibility of the owners.

During this presentation, University of Minnesota Extension Educator Anne Nelson will discuss the proper construction of a private well in Minnesota, issues to look for, and how often to test and maintain your drinking water.

Practical Water Wisdom: A Virtual Learning Series is presented by Itasca Waters with support from:


Anne Nelson, extension educator, University of Minnesota Extension.


John A. Downing, director, Minnesota Sea Grant.

Image credit: SHTTEFAN/Unsplash.