Minnesota Stormwater Research Council Annual Meeting

Minnesota Stormwater Research Council Annual Meeting
7/21/22, 9:30 am - 7/21/22, 4:00 pm


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There is much to celebrate and highlight with a growing portfolio of urban stormwater research funded by the Minnesota Stormwater Research Council.

You are invited to join the Minnesota Stormwater Research Council annual meeting on Thursday, July 21, 2022, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (times subject to slight changes). There are in-person and virtual participation options. The in-person participation option will also include a field tour of the biofiltration media optimization research study site located at the Outdoor Stream Lab at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory and a BBQ lunch.

This year's annual meeting will include:

  • Highlights of the program over the past year including completion of many of the 2020 projects
  • Announcement of the new 2022 research projects awarded and underway
  • Nominations for new Advisory Board members
  • Stormwater research funding and the 2022 request for research pool support
  • Updates on the following ongoing research studies:
    • Biochar and its use in stormwater practices to remove contaminants
    • Understanding the characteristics of solids in urban stormwater runoff
    • Metadata analysis of urban stormwater monitoring data from across Minnesota
    • Biofiltration media optimization

Special afternoon session - Stormwater Pond Research Symposium will dive into research needs and priorities for urban stormwater ponds featuring:

  • The Minnesota Stormwater Research Council research strategy on urban stormwater ponds
  • Results from a literature review of more than 500 studies completed on ponds
  • Stakeholder input on research needs and priorities to move the needle on pond design, function, operation, and maintenance


Minnesota Sea Grant Water Resource Management and Policy Extension Educator, John Bilotta.

Minnesota Sea Grant and Water Resources Center Stormwater Extension Educator, Maggie Karschnia.


Minnesota Sea Grant Water Resource Management and Policy Extension Educator, John Bilotta, jbilotta@umn.edu.

Image credit: Andrew S on Unsplash.