Minnesota Sea Grant's 2024-2026 Biennial RFP Informational Webinar

Second of two opportunities to learn about Minnesota Sea Grant's 2024-2026 biennial request for proposals (RFP)


Please register to attend this virtual event.


Every two years Minnesota Sea Grant (MNSG) awards approximately $2 million in research grants through a rigorous, competitive, peer-reviewed process. Researchers based in Minnesota, who are not federal employees, are invited to apply.

Webinar topics:

  • Funding priorities.
  • Proposal components.
  • Review process for MNSG's 2024-2026 biennial RFP.


Individuals considering submitting a proposal or interested in learning about MNSG's research program are invited to attend.


Minnesota Sea Grant Research and Fellowship Coordinator Alex Frie.

Image credit: Minnesota Sea Grant

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