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Ecotourism as a learning tool for sustainable development. The case of Monviso Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, Italy. Journal of Ecotoursim – JR644
Mondino, E. , Beery, T. H. (2018)
Childhood collecting in nature: quality experience in important places. Children's Geographies – JR645
Beery, T. H., Lekies, K. S. (2018)
Fostering incidental experiences of nature through green infrastructure planning. Ambio 46(7):717-730. – JR642
Beery, T. H., Raymond, C. M., Kyttä, M. , Olafsson, A. S., Plieninger, T. , Sandberg, M. , Stenseke, M. , Tengö, M. , Jönsson, K. (2017)
Relationship of chlorophyll to phosphorus and nitrogen in nutrient-rich lakes. Inland Waters. – JR641
Filstrup, C. T., Downing, J. A. (2017)
High-throughput DNA-sequencing approach for determining sources of fecal bacteria in a Lake Superior Estuary. Environmental Science and Technology 51(15):8263-8271. – JR640
Brown, C. M., Staley, C. , Wang, P. , Dalzell, B. , Chun, C. , Sadowsky, M. J. (2017)
Pollen and phytolith paleoecology in the St. Louis River Estuary, Minnesota, USA, with special consideration of Zizania palustris L. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 246:216-231. – JR643
Nurse, A. M., Reavie, E. D., Ladwig, J. L., Yost, C. L. (2017)
Anthropogenic climate change has altered primary productivity in Lake Superior. Nature Communications – JR639
O'Beirne, M. D., Werne, J. P., Hecky, R. , Johnson, T. C., Katsev, S. , Reavie, E. D. (2017)
Effects of sulfate and sulfide on the life cycle of Zizania palustris in hydroponic and mesocosm experiments. Ecological Applications 27:321-336. – JR638
Pastor, J. , Dewey, B. , Johnson, N. W., Swain, E. B., Monson, P. , Peters, E. B., Myrbo, A. (2017)
Colonization dynamics of the invasive predatory cladoceran, Bythotrephes longimanus, inferred from sediment records. Limnology and Oceanography. – JR635
Brown, M. E., Branstrator, D. K., Hembre, L. K., Beranek, A. E., Engstrom, D. R. (2017)
Comparison of landsat 8 and landsat 7 for regional measurements of CDOM and water clarity in lakes. Remote Sensing of the Environment 185:119-128. – JR633
Olmanson, L. G., Brezonik, P. L., Finlay, J. C., Bauer, M. E. (2016)
Nitrogen cycling in a freshwater estuary. Biogeochemistry. – JR628
Loken, L. C., Small, G. E., Finlay, J. C., Sterner, R. W., Stanley, E. H. (2016)
Organic matter transfer in Lake Superior's food web: Insights from bulk and molecular stable isotope and radiocarbon analyses. Limnology and Oceanography. – JR627
Kruger, B. R., Werne, J. P., Branstrator, D. K., Hrabik, T. R., Chikaraishi, Y. , Ohkouchi, N. , Minor, E. C. (2016)
Shifting demand for winter outdoor recreation along the North Shore of Lake Superior under variable rates of climate change: A-finite-mixture modeling approach. Ecological Economics 123:1-13. – JR637
Smith, J. W., Seekamp, E. , McCreary, A. , Davenport, M. A., Kanazawa, M. , Holmberg, K. , Wilson, B. , Nieber, J. (2016)
The emergence of the vasopressin and oxytocin hormone receptor gene family lineage: Clues from the characterization of vasotocin receptors in the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus). General and Comparative Endocrinology. – JR623
Mayasich, S. A., Clarke, B. L. (2016)
Biogeochemical characteristics of settling particulate organic matter in Lake Superior: A seasonal comparison. Organic Geochemistry. – JR624
Li, H. , Minor, E. C. (2015)
Patterns in diurnal airspace use by migratory landbirds along an ecological barrier. Ecological Applications. – JR632
Peterson, A. C., Niemi, G. J., Johnson, D. H. (2015)
Linking place-based science to people through spatial narratives of coastal stewardship. Journal of Coastal Conservation. – JR618
Silbernagel, J. , Host, G. , Hagley, C. A., Hart, D. , Axler, R. P., Fortner, R. , Axler, M. , Smith, V. M., Drewes, A. , Bartsch, W. M., Danz, N. , Mathews, J. M., Wagler, M. (2015)
Evaluating a Great Lakes scale landscape stressor index to assess water quality in the St. Louis River Area of Concern. Journal of Great Lakes Research. – JR617
Bartsch, W. M., Axler, R. P., Host, G. (2015)
Building Coastal Climate Readiness along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Michigan Journal of Sustainability, vol. 3. – JR636
Bitsura-Meszaros, K. , McCreary, A. , Smith, J. W., Seekamp, E. , Davenport, M. A., Nieber, J. , Wilson, B. , Anderson, D. H., Messer, C. , Kanazawa, M. (2015)
Factors affecting the measurement of CDOM by remote sensing of optically complex inland waters. Remote Sensing of Environment. – JR626
Brezonik, P. L., Olmanson, L. G., Finlay, J. C., Bauer, M. E. (2015)

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