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Ecotourism as a learning tool for sustainable development. The case of Monviso Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, Italy. Journal of Ecotoursim – JR644
Mondino, E. , Beery, T. H. (2018)
Childhood collecting in nature: quality experience in important places. Children's Geographies – JR645
Beery, T. H., Lekies, K. S. (2018)
Fostering incidental experiences of nature through green infrastructure planning. Ambio 46(7):717-730. – JR642
Beery, T. H., Raymond, C. M., Kyttä, M. , Olafsson, A. S., Plieninger, T. , Sandberg, M. , Stenseke, M. , Tengö, M. , Jönsson, K. (2017)
Relationship of chlorophyll to phosphorus and nitrogen in nutrient-rich lakes. Inland Waters. – JR641
Filstrup, C. T., Downing, J. A. (2017)
High-throughput DNA-sequencing approach for determining sources of fecal bacteria in a Lake Superior Estuary. Environmental Science and Technology 51(15):8263-8271. – JR640
Brown, C. M., Staley, C. , Wang, P. , Dalzell, B. , Chun, C. , Sadowsky, M. J. (2017)
Pollen and phytolith paleoecology in the St. Louis River Estuary, Minnesota, USA, with special consideration of Zizania palustris L. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 246:216-231. – JR643
Nurse, A. M., Reavie, E. D., Ladwig, J. L., Yost, C. L. (2017)
Testicular oocytes in smallmouth bass in northeastern Minnesota in relation to varying levels of human activity. Environmental Toxicology. – JR656
Kadlec, S. M., Johnson, R. D., Mount, D. R., Olker, J. H., Borkholder, B. D., Schoff, P. (2017)
Anthropogenic climate change has altered primary productivity in Lake Superior. Nature Communications – JR639
O'Beirne, M. D., Werne, J. P., Hecky, R. , Johnson, T. C., Katsev, S. , Reavie, E. D. (2017)
Effects of sulfate and sulfide on the life cycle of Zizania palustris in hydroponic and mesocosm experiments. Ecological Applications 27:321-336. – JR638
Pastor, J. , Dewey, B. , Johnson, N. W., Swain, E. B., Monson, P. , Peters, E. B., Myrbo, A. (2017)
Colonization dynamics of the invasive predatory cladoceran, Bythotrephes longimanus, inferred from sediment records. Limnology and Oceanography. – JR635
Brown, M. E., Branstrator, D. K., Hembre, L. K., Beranek, A. E., Engstrom, D. R. (2017)
Comparison of landsat 8 and landsat 7 for regional measurements of CDOM and water clarity in lakes. Remote Sensing of the Environment 185:119-128. – JR633
Olmanson, L. G., Brezonik, P. L., Finlay, J. C., Bauer, M. E. (2016)
Nitrogen cycling in a freshwater estuary. Biogeochemistry. – JR628
Loken, L. C., Small, G. E., Finlay, J. C., Sterner, R. W., Stanley, E. H. (2016)
Organic matter transfer in Lake Superior's food web: Insights from bulk and molecular stable isotope and radiocarbon analyses. Limnology and Oceanography. – JR627
Kruger, B. R., Werne, J. P., Branstrator, D. K., Hrabik, T. R., Chikaraishi, Y. , Ohkouchi, N. , Minor, E. C. (2016)
Shifting demand for winter outdoor recreation along the North Shore of Lake Superior under variable rates of climate change: A-finite-mixture modeling approach. Ecological Economics 123:1-13. – JR637
Smith, J. W., Seekamp, E. , McCreary, A. , Davenport, M. A., Kanazawa, M. , Holmberg, K. , Wilson, B. , Nieber, J. (2016)
The emergence of the vasopressin and oxytocin hormone receptor gene family lineage: Clues from the characterization of vasotocin receptors in the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus). General and Comparative Endocrinology. – JR623
Mayasich, S. A., Clarke, B. L. (2016)
Biogeochemical characteristics of settling particulate organic matter in Lake Superior: A seasonal comparison. Organic Geochemistry. – JR624
Li, H. , Minor, E. C. (2015)
Patterns in diurnal airspace use by migratory landbirds along an ecological barrier. Ecological Applications. – JR632
Peterson, A. C., Niemi, G. J., Johnson, D. H. (2015)
Linking place-based science to people through spatial narratives of coastal stewardship. Journal of Coastal Conservation. – JR618
Silbernagel, J. , Host, G. , Hagley, C. A., Hart, D. , Axler, R. P., Fortner, R. , Axler, M. , Smith, V. M., Drewes, A. , Bartsch, W. M., Danz, N. , Mathews, J. M., Wagler, M. (2015)
Evaluating a Great Lakes scale landscape stressor index to assess water quality in the St. Louis River Area of Concern. Journal of Great Lakes Research. – JR617
Bartsch, W. M., Axler, R. P., Host, G. (2015)
Building Coastal Climate Readiness along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Michigan Journal of Sustainability, vol. 3. – JR636
Bitsura-Meszaros, K. , McCreary, A. , Smith, J. W., Seekamp, E. , Davenport, M. A., Nieber, J. , Wilson, B. , Anderson, D. H., Messer, C. , Kanazawa, M. (2015)

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