Scholarly Articles

Title Authors Publication Date
Population regulation of the spiny water flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) in a reservoir: Implications for invasion Meghan E. Brown, Donn K. Branstrator, Lyle J. Shannon
Estimating mercury concentrations and loads from four western Lake Superior watersheds using continuous in-stream turbidity monitoring Elaine M. Ruzycki, Richard P. Axler, Jerald R. Henneck, Norman R. Will, George E. Host
Seasonally dynamic diel vertical migrations of Mysis diluviana, coregone fishes, and siscowet lake trout in the pelagia of Western Lake Superior Tyler D. Ahrenstorff, Thomas R. Hrabik, Jason D. Stockwell, Daniel L. Yule, Greg G. Sass
Sources and sinks of escherichia coli in benthic and pelagic fish Dennis L. Hansen, John J. Clark, Satoshi Ishii, Michael J. Sadowsky, Randall E. Hicks