Scholarly Articles

Title Authors Publication Date
Muskellunge spatial ecology in the St. Louis River estuary and Southwestern Lake Superior Erin M. Schaeffer, Jeramy J. Pinkerton, Paul A. Venturelli, Loren M. Miller
Interactions between sulfide and reproductive phenology of an annual aquatic plant, wild rice (Zizania palustris) Sophia LaFond-Hudson, Nathan W. Johnson, John Pastor, Brad Dewey
Study of wave effect on vorticity in Langmuir turbulence using wave-phase-resolved large-eddy simulation Anqing Xuan, Bing-Qing Deng, Lian Shen
Wind-wave coupling study using LES of wind and phase-resolved simulation of nonlinear waves Xuanting Hao, Lian Shen
A PGIS-based climate change risk assessment process for outdoor recreation and tourism dependent communities. Karly Bitsura-Meszaros, Erin Seekamp, Mae A. Davenport, Jordan W. Smith
Predictors of visitors' climate-related coping behaviors in a nature-based tourism destination Allie McCreary, Erin Seekamp, Lincoln R. Larson, Jordan W. Smith, Mae A. Davenport
Evaluation of biological and enzymatic quorum quencher coating additives to reduce biocorrosion of steel Siqian Huang, Celine Bergonzi, Michael Schwab, Mikael Elias, Randall E. Hicks
Effect of light intensity and substrate type on siscowet lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush siscowet) predation on deepwater sculpin (Myoxocephalus thompsonii) Trevor D. Keyler, Thomas R. Hrabik, Allen F. Mensinger, Loranzie S. Rogers, Owen T. Gorman
The structural determinants accounting for the broad substrate specificity of the quorum quenching lactonase GcL Celine Bergonzi, Michael Schwab, Tanushree Naik, Mikael Elias
Cumulative sulfate loads shift porewater to sulfidic conditions in freshwater wetland sediment Nathan W. Johnson, John Pastor, Edward B. Swain
A conservative scheme for simulation of free-surface turbulent and wave flows Anqing Xuan, Lian Shen
Exploring qualitative applications of social media data for place-based assessments in destination planning Allie McCreary, Erin Seekamp, Mae Davenport, Jordan W. Smith
Influence of Langmuir circulations on turbulence in the bottom boundary layer of shallow water Bing-Qing Deng, Zixuan Yang, Anqing Xuan, Lian Shen
Assessing soundscape preferences and the impact of specific sounds on outdoor recreation activities using qualitative data analysis and immersive virtual environment technology Jing Li, Kaitlin Burroughs, Mirza Farzana Halim, Teresa L. Penbrooke, Erin Seekamp, Jordan W. Smith
Research note: Climate change and the demand for summer tourism on Minnesota's North Shore Adam Hestetune, Allie McCreary, Kerry Holmberg, Bruce Wilson, Erin Seekamp, Mae A. Davenport, Jordan W. Smith
Influence of library composition on SourceTracker predictions for community-based microbial source tracking Clairessa M. Brown, Prince P. Mathai, Tina Loesekann, Christopher Staley, and Michael J. Sadowsky
Iron sulfide formation on root surfaces controlled by the life cycle of wild rice (Zizania palustris) Sophia LaFond-Hudson, Nathan W. Johnson, John Pastor, Brad Dewey
Direct numerical simulation of wind turbulence over breaking waves Zixuan Yang, Bing-Qing Deng, Lian Shen
Fecal pollution: new trends and challenges in microbial source tracking using next-generation sequencing Tatsuya Unno, Christopher Staley, Clairessa M. Brown, Bukki Han, Michael J. Sadowsky, Hor-Gil Hur
Tale of two storms: Impact of extreme rain events on the biogeochemistry of Lake Superior Ellen M. Cooney, Paul McKinney, Robert Sterner, Gaston E. Small, Elizabeth C. Minor