Extension Column

Our August 2022 Extension Column highlights MNSG's Egg-to-Market Yellow Perch project. Above, two Yellow Perch that are less than 2 inches total length, both appearing to wonder who that good-looking fish is in the reflection. At 75 days post hatch, these Yellow Perch have transitioned from their larval phase and now look like tiny adults. Only weighing between 1-2 grams, they will eat and grow a lot over the next 8-10 months until they reach their harvest size of about 150 grams, which is about one-third of a pound. Image credit: Kieran Smith/MNSG.

Our three-part March Extension Column highlights Minnesota Sea Grant's annual fisheries and aquaculture student awardproject presentations and updates

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Lake Superior water levels came down over the summer of 2021; a welcome sign for many coastal property owners.