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Recreation & Tourism Articles

Is it Really a Beach Day?
Collaborators rev up rip current and beach safety awareness via ParkPointBeach.org, part of the Beach Information Communications System project.
Smelting on Lake Superior
Everything you need to know about smelting.
Superior Facts: 3-quadrillion gallons, one Great Lake
Whether you visit Minnesota's North Shore or live there year-round, Lake Superior is a constant source of wonder.
Rip Currents: Escape the Grip of the Rip!
About rip currents on the Great Lakes and what you need to know to enjoy the beach safely
Swimmer's Itch
Read the results of our survey last summer to assess rip current awareness among Park Point swimmers.
Frequent Beach-Goers Aware of Rip Currents
Read the results of our survey last summer to assess rip current awareness among Park Point swimmers.
Rip Currents Hit Home
Sea Grant is working nationally and on a Great Lakes level to inform people how to escape deadly rip currents, which caused a death in Lake Superior last summer.
Community Concerns Explored Along the North Shore
Land, jobs, age, and health – over 100 people spent a day discussing Minnesota's coastal community. Review some of the statistics and issues presented at the 7th annual State of the Coast conference.
A Lake With a View
Results from a survey show that Duluthians value the city's open space and are committed to protecting it. Minnesota Sea Grant directed the project that investigated residents' perceptions of natural and developed open space to add insight to community planning efforts.
Duluth Values Open Space
A 20-page PDF publication that describes results of a survey of Duluth, Minn., residents and their perceptions about open/green space in the city. Published in 2002.
Survival in Cold Water: Hypothermia Prevention
Explore risks, treatments and prevention of this cold water killer.
Tourism’s impacts Minimized with Management
Glenn Kreag, recreation and tourism specialist for Minnesota Sea Grant, points out in a fact sheet that smart community planners recognize that a thriving tourist industry must be managed.
Noise Pollution in Ears of Beholder
Personal watercraft (Jet Skis) are causing controversy in Minnesota in part due to the noise they create.
Why Love Lakes?
Convenience, scenery and fishing are some of the main reasons Minnesota residents love to visit lakes.
Toward Sustainable Tourism
This 40-page interactive Web booklet explores the ingenuity and efforts applied to sustainable tourism in the countries of Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. The results of fact-finding treks by the author are described along with insights into ways a sustainable tourism culture can be generated within a community and within a country.
Estimated Economic Impact of Recreational Fishing on Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior
The recreational fishing industry contributed approximately $9.74 million in direct expenditures to the state in 1990.
Minnesota’s North Shore Snowmobile Trail: What is its Value?
Winter trail-related recreation activities (snowmobiling and cross-country skiing) in Minnesota are in high demand and generate substantial tourism activity. Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior has both types of trails that, along with two major downhill ski areas, anchor the area’s winter tourism business.

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Jesse Schomberg
Coastal Communities & Land Use Specialist

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