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The "Seiche" Newsletter

A seiche (pronounced "saysh") is a series of rhythmic rocking motions triggered in a water body disturbed in some way. Seiche-generating disturbances include earthquakes, landslides, wave interactions, and changes of wind or air pressure. The pendulum-like movements within seiches are known to scientists as free standing-wave oscillations. They can continue for hours after the forces that created them have vanished. Seiches can create a range of water-level changes, from imperceptible to those that damage vessels or threaten lives.

The purpose of the Seiche newsletter is to provide a periodic flow of information about Lake Superior and Minnesota's inland waters. The Seiche is published by Minnesota Sea Grant, University of Minnesota Duluth, 31 W. College St., Duluth, MN, 55812.

When reprinting this material, give credit to the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program and send us a copy. All photos and graphics used originate from Minnesota Sea Grant unless otherwise attributed. ISSN 8755-4682

Science Writer: Sharon Moen
Designer: Chris Benson
Publications Assistant: Dee Angradi

Minnesota Sea Grant facilitates interaction among the public and scientists to enhance the environment and communities along Lake Superior and Minnesota's inland waters by identifying information needs, fostering research, and communicating results. Minnesota Sea Grant is part of the NOAA Sea Grant Program, a nationwide network of 32 programs that partners with coastal communities. Minnesota Sea Grant is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Minnesota.

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