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Job Announcement: Natural Resources Research Institute
University of Minnesota Sea Grant College Program
NRRI Researcher 5: Watershed, Stormwater Resilience and Sustainability Programs Manager/Educator

  • Position type: Full time
  • Location: Duluth, Minnesota

The primary role of the Watershed, Stormwater Resilience and Sustainability Programs Manager/Educator will be to lead a Stormwater Assessment and Mitigation Research Program as part of the Natural Resources Research Institute’s (NRRI) Water Strategic Research Group, continue implementation of the NRRI Sustainability Program, and, with Minnesota Sea Grant, engage with Minnesota communities and residents as a resilience extension educator.

Stormwater Assessment & Mitigation Research Program (NRRI) (50%):
The Stormwater Assessment and Mitigation Research Program Manager will be responsible for assisting in formation of this research program, as well as subsequent management of the program. Research at NRRI is focused on our mission of delivering research solutions to pressing problems associated with the sustainable use and development of Minnesota's natural resources, balancing the environment, resources and economy for the benefit of communities. Projects are likely to include, but are not restricted to, a mixture of basic and applied approaches to finding novel and cost-effective solutions to the region's most pressing stormwater issues. The successful candidate will join a strong water research group at NRRI, and will also engage a diverse community of scientists and outreach educators across the University of Minnesota laboratories and campuses, as well as various state, federal and tribal agencies, NGOs, and private sector watershed/stormwater scientists and engineers.

Minnesota Sea Grant Resilience Educator (25%):
The extension educator will be responsible for providing coastal stakeholders with outreach and applied research relevant to the University of Minnesota Sea Grant’s mission and strategic plan.  Preferred candidates will have experience and knowledge relevant to community resilience to climate hazards.  The educator will develop, conduct, and evaluate extension programming relevant to coastal stakeholder needs. The educator will work closely with other MN Sea Grant staff, U of MN Extension Educators, and Sea Grant Extension Educators across the Great Lakes and nation who are involved in related issues.

NRRI Sustainability Program (25%):
NRRI’s Sustainability Program Manager will be responsible for assisting the University of Minnesota Duluth in fulfilling the Sustainability Core Value as outlined in UMD’s Strategic Plan to balance current environmental, economic, and social needs with those of future generations. Program objectives are to: reduce operation costs through waste reduction, and energy upgrades and retrofits; use and demonstrate green and energy efficient technologies; decrease NRRI’s carbon footprint and waste output; and, support staff is sustainability decision making.

For more information and to apply, go to: www.humanresources.umn.edu/jobs and search job ID number 9742R5. If you have any questions about the position, please contact the human resources department at 218-726-7161.

Posted on July 25, 2019

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