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Lake Superior Fish Go Graphic

Fish art by Russell Habermann

According to fisheries experts, Lake Superior is the primary address of 34 native fish species. How many can you name?

To help build awareness about Lake Superior and its inhabitants, the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program recently added unconventional content to the program's native fish webpage: www.seagrant.umn.edu/fisheries/superiorfish. While most renditions of fish species focus on field identification, the digital images created by Minnesota Sea Grant Communications Assistant Russell Habermann and the accompanying text define the species in a more whimsical way.

"News of issues related to aquatic invasive species often steals the spotlight when it comes to life in the Great Lakes," said Habermann. "A project like this brings the amazing native species we have in Lake Superior to the forefront."

Sea Grant's presentation of popular and lesser-known species — from the brook trout to the slimy sculpin — blends colorful imagery and catchy information modeled after Charley Harper's Birds with Words (1974). Celebrating the biodiversity of Lake Superior, the project known as Truly Superior Fish was inspired by the need to make information about Superior's native species more broadly accessible.

In addition to their online form, eight illustrations and fish descriptions from the Truly Superior Fish collection are available as note cards. To purchase a set of eight cards ($10), which supports Superior science, visit Minnesota Sea Grant's publication page or contact the program at: (218) 726-6191 or seagr@d.umn.edu.

Posted on October 27, 2014

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