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Forsman Receives First-ever Muskies, Inc. — Minnesota Sea Grant Scholarship

The Lake Superior Chapter of Muskies, Inc. and the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program awarded $1,000 to Brandy Forsman, M.S. candidate in analytical chemistry at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD). Forsman earned this first-ever scholarship through her post-flood research with Elizabeth Minor, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Large Lakes Observatory, UMD, and because of her interest in communicating the results of her research. Forsman is a former high school teacher.

Forsman's research examines the biogeochemical response of Western Lake Superior to the region's major flood in 2012. Experts expected that the major influx of nutrients from the land would boost algae growth. Instead, Forsman's preliminary findings suggest that primary production declined after the flood because vast amounts of dissolved organic matter in water prevented light from penetrating much beyond the surface.

Forsman has shared these preliminary findings with teachers and students in northern Minnesota, with Muskies, Inc. and Sea Grant, in the Lake Superior Angler Magazine, and at the 2013 International Association for Great Lakes Research Conference at Purdue University.

"Our mission is to support youth, fisheries, and research," said Keith Okeson of Muskies, Inc. "We think that the Sea Grant Program is a great fit with this mission. To award someone for research in the waters that we regularly fish is exciting to us and we look forward to working with Sea Grant in the future."

"Brandy did a wonderful job presenting her results to Muskies, Inc. members," said Jeff Gunderson, Director of Minnesota Sea Grant. "It must have been good because they wrote us a check on the spot for next year's scholarship."

Look for Forsman's writing in the 2013 issue of Lake Superior Angler Magazine and watch what she had to say during a Science Institute for Educators workshop in March: Go to minute 18:30 at www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEAvwj0cMBA.

Posted on August 20, 2013

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