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Full Circle Superior Promises Adventure, Science

Full Circle Superior is an expedition stretching across five months and several states in which a husband and wife team, Kate Crowley and Mike Link, will circumnavigate Lake Superior on foot, hiking as close to the shoreline of the lake as possible.

The two will set out from Duluth on April 29 to trek the shoreline, an estimated 1,826 miles, creating a photographic baseline and conducting scientific research along the way. They will work in partnership with universities and colleges, and will engage in education efforts that focus on Lake Superior, which holds one-tenth of the world's freshwater.

Throughout the hike, the team will record important data about the shoreline and trails, the people they meet, and the adventure of a lifestyle as focused nomads. They will speak and present along the way, and together with a group of dedicated professionals and organizations, publish articles, writings, and thoughts on their website at www.fullcirclesuperior.org.

One of the fundamental objectives of Full Circle is to create a scientific benchmark record that can be used as a standard for future references and comparisons. This baseline dataset will involve information pertaining to natural disciplines as diverse as ecology, hydrology, sociology, geography and environmental conservation - all of which will be stored in a central database using GPS coordinates. Some of the findings will featured on the Full Circle website for schools and institutions, while other detailed, technical information will be accessible to researchers and organizations interested in studying specific subjects or areas of Lake Superior.

Planned components include:

  • Core Ecological & Photographic Survey
  • Invasive Species Survey
  • Water Quality Study
  • Human Dimensions Study

At every contact point with the support team, the SAG crew will upload data into their respective databases and repositories, and photographs will be uploaded to Google Maps.

The expedition is now a registered non-profit, and contributions are being accepted to help advance the research, education and environmental conservation. Minnesota Sea Grant is an expedition partner.

Posted on January 15, 2010

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