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Holiday Publications Sale

November 24, 2008

The University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program is moving offices this winter. To reduce inventory, we're having a holiday publications sale. These books, videos, posters, and CDs make great stocking stuffers for teachers, anglers, students, scientists, and Lake Superior-lovers!

From now through January 15, 2009, we are offering up to 80 percent off on the products listed below. For more information, or to order, access www.seagrant.umn.edu/publications or call (218) 726-6191.

A-maze-ing Lake Superior: Mazes, Puzzles, and Amazing Facts About One of the World's Largest Lakes
Sale $3 (Regularly $6)
This 36-page activity book is designed for children ages eight and up. Fun activities are coupled with facts on every page about the animals and things that go on around Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. Great for car rides or boat trips on the lake!
Fixin' FishFixin' Fish: A Guide to Handling, Buying, Preserving and Preparing Fish
Sale: $1.75 (Regularly $3)
This 56-page illustrated manual shows you how to get the best from your catch by handling it properly, keeping it fresh, and preparing it well. Topics include recipes, ideas for cooking, pickling, and smoking different kinds of fish, explanations of fish parasites, and methods of removing parasites.
Living on the CoastLiving on the Coast: Protecting Investments in Shore Property on the Great Lakes
Sale $2 (Regularly $4)
This 50-page full-color book provides information on how to protect coastal investments by adapting to natural processes, restoring a natural shoreline, moderating coastal erosion, armoring the shore, stabilizing bluffs and banks, controlling surface water and groundwater, building environmentally friendly shore protection structures, and working with engineers and contractors.
Marine Science CareersMarine Science Careers: A Sea Grant Guide to Ocean Opportunities
Sale $2 (Regularly $5)
This 40-page guide is helpful for high school students interested in the marine sciences. It focuses on four major career areas: marine biology, oceanography, ocean engineering, and closely-related fields. It includes careers that involve both the oceans and the Great Lakes.
Superior Science, Stories of Lake Superior ResearchSuperior Science, Stories of Lake Superior Research
Sale $4 (Regularly $8)
This 72-page softcover book delves into the processes, results, and quirks of research happening around and in Lake Superior. From the smallest creatures cowering under submerged rocks to satellite images showing views from space, scientists are still discovering the enormity of Lake Superior.


Composting Fish WasteComposting Fish Waste: An Alternative for Minnesota Resorts
Sale $1 (Regularly $2)
This 18-page illustrated manual explains a simple structure and process for composting up to 25 five-gallon buckets of fish per week.
Exploring Science WritingExploring Science Writing: An Environmental Focus
Sale: $3 (Regularly $6)
This 74-page spiral-bound reader introduces students to crucial issues facing the Great Lakes and oceans. It was developed in collaboration with more than 100 teachers. It features easy-to-teach writing principles, teaching notes, and teacher-developed activities to enhance high school language arts, science, and interdisciplinary curricula.
Genetic Methods for Biological Control of Non-Native Fish in the Gila River BasinGenetic Methods for Biological Control of Non-Native Fish in the Gila River Basin
Sale $6 (Regularly $12)
This 100-page report addresses the feasibility of using genetic methods as an approach for biological control of non-native fish. It covers genetic techniques, health and ecological risk, regulatory considerations and other relevant topics.
The Impacts of TourismThe Impacts of Tourism
Sale $1 (Regularly $2.50)
A 20-page booklet that provides research-based information on tourism impacts and emphasizes the need for planning.
The Lake Superior GameThe Lake Superior Game
Sale: 50 cents (Regularly $2.50)
This 18-page booklet is a group game for upper elementary to adult audiences. The game introduces players to differing viewpoints and helps them consider the challenges of preserving and enhancing Lake Superior s ecosystem. It takes about an hour to play.
Research Bibliography on Eurasian RuffeResearch Bibliography on Eurasian Ruffe
Sale $2.50 (Regularly $5.50)
This 64-page document is a compilation of research citations on the Eurasian ruffe, Gymnocephalus cernuus (L.), from worldwide sources by the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program. It includes 844 references from peer-reviewed journals, technical reports, and literature from over 21 countries.

Compact Disc

Exotics To GoExotics To Go: Presentations and Publications to Prevent the Spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species
Sale $2 (Regularly $4.50)
This compact disc contains seven "conveniently wrapped" PowerPoint presentations -- including scripts, images, and talking points -- that focus on zebra mussel impacts and control. Use the presentations as they are or adapt them. Twenty-two informational publications in PDF format and lists of people to contact about ANS are also included. The exotics featured are of national concern to inland water users, and some are specific to the Great Lakes area.


Great Lakes Most Unwanted Aquatic Invasive Species Poster SeriesGreat Lakes Most Unwanted Aquatic Invasive Species Poster Series
Sale $6 (Regularly $12)
Eight posters focus on one of the following: zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil, sea lampreys, round gobies, fishhook waterfleas, purple loosestrife, ruffe, and the preceding invasive species combined.


Stop Exotics, Clean Your Boat VideoStop Exotics, Clean Your Boat Video
Sale $4 (Regularly $10)
This 11-minute video featuring John Ratzenberger (better known as Cliff Clavin from "Cheers") shows the simple steps that people who use motorboats, sailboats, and personal watercraft can take to prevent the spread of exotic plants and animals.

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