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Lake Superior’s “Canaries”

December 31, 2002

The public is invited to the next free talk in the “Superior Science for You!” speaker series, hosted by the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program.

On January 15 at 7 p.m. in the Duluth, EPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division, Gitchee Gumee Conference Facility (6201 Congdon Blvd.), Professor Gerald Niemi will present “Lake Superior’s ‘Canaries’ Detecting Ecological Change.”

Just as coal miners used canaries to monitor air quality in the mines, biologists look to Lake Superior’s birds, fish, and bugs to alert us to environmental stresses. Enjoy colorful slides and listen to Dr. Niemi, seasoned researcher and director of NRRI’s Center for Water and the Environment, talk about a multi-million-dollar endeavor to identify species and chemicals that can be used to assess the condition of the coastal waters of Lake Superior and the other Great Lakes.

A reception will follow the talk. If you can’t attend the talk in person, try listening through your computer! Live audio of the talk will be broadcast from the EPA Lab through Minnesota Sea Grant’s Web site. Computer listeners can even e-mail Dr. Niemi their questions during the talk, and he will answer them at the end of the talk.

This Lake Superior-related speaker series was made possible by a grant funded under the Coastal Zone Management Act by NOAA’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management in conjunction with Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program.

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