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Fish Consumption & Health

Minnesota Department of Health: Fish Consumption AdviceMinnesota Department of Health: Fish Consumption Advice
Some fish are more likely to contain contaminants that can harm human health than others. Check out Minnesota's fish consumption guidelines.
FishWatch: U.S. Seafood FactsFishWatch: U.S. Seafood Facts
You have a choice when purchasing seafood — make it a smart one. This NOAA Fisheries site provides easy-to-understand science-based facts to help consumers make sustainable seafood choices.
Parasites of Freshwater FishParasites of Freshwater Fish
Anglers in Minnesota may encounter non-fish species living on or in their catch. Most likely, the fish is still edible.
Eat More and Better Fish
Minnesota Sea Grant recommends you eat fish, particularly ciscoes (formerly called lake herring) and whitefish from Lake Superior.
Fish Oil and Your Health
The discovery that fish oil may have unique benefits in the fight against coronary heart disease has stimulated a tremendous amount of research.
Lake TroutLake Trout are Heart-Friendly
Fat can be good for you! Fish oil has been found to help prevent heart attacks. Siscowet lake trout are especially high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish Preparation

Lake Superior Fish RecipesLake Superior Fish Recipes
Recipes made with Lake Superior's commercially harvested whitefish, lake herring, ciscoes and lake trout.
Cooking Your CatchCooking Your Catch
Here’s some general techniques for preparing Great Lakes fish, once you’ve made your catch, including storage, thawing, cooking, as well as five tried-and-true recipes.
Timetable for Cooking Fish
How long you cook your fish depends on what form it’s in, as well as your cooking method.
Upper Great Lakes Fish Boil: A Tasty Tradition
Learn more about this Great Lakes tradition that has been around for over one hundred years.
Craving for CrayfishCraving for Crayfish
Today, crayfish are appearing in northern grocery stores as more people realize that cooked crayfish are tasty and healthful.

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