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Fish Articles

What Small Smallies Can Tell Us About Water
A hunt for smallmouth bass fry in natural waters yields surprising data about the background rate of testicular oocytes in this species.
What the Carp? Clearing up the Carp Nomenclature Confusion
Intern Ryan wanted to know why, in Minnesota, the collection of carp species formally known as "Asian Carp" are now called "Invasive Carp." Here's the answer.
Exploring the Potential for Northern Aquaponics at Victus Farm
Ever thought about raising fish and vegetables together in Minnesota? Local, sustainable food choices might be only a greenhouse away.
Where's the Fat? Fish Lipids Gone Missing
Millions of Siscowets have shed a million pounds of fat. Science-based theories explore potential reasons why.
Lake Trout and the Tao of Research
A Sea Grant graduate fellow talks about Siscowets, their ability to see prey in the dark and the way of research.
Lake Superior Fish at Their Finest
It just keeps getting better! Oceanaire Seafood Room, Minneapolis, took top honors with a Lake Herring entree at this year's Taste of Lake Superior Fish Classic.
Truly Superior Fish
Communications Assistant Russell Habermann crafts imagery to highlight Lake Superior's native fish species.
Hooked on Fish!
Chipotle Grilled Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw won the Hooked on Fish recipe contest.
Lake Superior Fish Classic in Review
Remember the enchanted evening and the great cuisine through this event summary.
Cisco: Also known as Lake Herring
This Lake Superior fish has a history with Minnesota's North Shore commercial fishermen. The species has a sustainable future with them as well.
Lake Sturgeon and Stories of Science
The lovely lake sturgeon can still turn heads. Learn more about the past and future of this ancient species in the St. Louis Estuary.
Fish Parasites
From flukes to infections, fish are subject to some nasty things; fortunately, that does not need to affect your love of eating fish. Here are some things you can do to avoid parasites during your next fishy meal.
Let Em Down Easy: Returning a Fish to Deep Water
When deepwater anglers catch and release, it is sometimes hard for fish to get back down, which could end in fish fatality. Knowing the signs of barotrauma and ways to combat it, however, can help.
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia: Are Our Fish Doomed?
Learn how damaging VHSV might be to Minnesota's fisheries.
Science Through the Eyes of Fish
Studies of fish eyesight are increasing our understanding of evolution, human health, and predator-prey relationships.
Lake Superior's Sustainable Cisco (or is it Lake Herring?) Fishery
Whether you call them cisco or lake herring, resource managers and commercial fishermen are harvesting this species in a sustainable way in the Minn. waters of Lake Superior.
Does Caviar Really Come From Lake Superior?
Cisco (lake herring) and whitefish caviar from Lake Superior are hot commodities in the global market. Locally, these fish eggs are gaining fans.
Testing the Mettle of Genetically Modified Fish
In the first-ever investigation of its kind, researchers examined the long-term consequences of letting bioengineered fish mingle with wild-type populations.
Commercial Fishing and Processing Stimulates Coastal Economy
An economic study conducted through the University of Minnesota Duluth reports that harvesting fish from Lake Superior and processing fish along Minnesota's North Shore considerably boosts the local economy.
Commercial Fishing: The Life, the Limits, the Lore
Commercial fishing has been a cultural tradition and the livelihood for many along Minnesota's north shore of Lake Superior since the late 1800s, but the industry almost didn't survive. Today, Minnesota once again has a sustainable industry.
Can fish build up immunity to VHSV?
Readers asked if fish can build immunity to the VHS virus, as humans build immunity to certain viruses. Jim Winton, a microbiologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Western Fisheries Research Center explains.
Trout, Ciscoes, and Shrimp: News from the Serrated Edge of Science
Life in the pelagic zone of Lake Superior clearly has its ups and downs. Learn how Great Lakes research is accomplished and why light and predator pressure sends some species to the lake floor.
Stout Trout Eyed for Market
Siscowet lake trout were a topic of debate at a workshop this summer. The fatty fish might be abundant enough in Lake Superior to commercially harvest. But would such a fishery be sustainable and economically feasible?
Pulp Mill Effluent and Fish Don't Mix (Well)
Endocrine disrupting chemicals found in pulp mill wastewater can impact fish. Five scientists discuss what they learned from Canadian and U.S. rivers surrounding Lake Superior.
Scientists Find Bird and Human E. coli in Wild Fish
Fish in the Duluth-Superior Harbor can carry bacteria from other species, which has implications for anglers and beach monitoring programs.
Eat More and Better Fish
If your New Year's resolutions include becoming healthier and more intelligent, Minnesota Sea Grant recommends you eat fish, particularly ciscoes (lake herring) and whitefish from Lake Superior.
VHS Virus Facts
A fact sheet about Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia.
Sturgeon Deaths
Why were dead sturgeon washing up around Duluth in the fall of 2006?
Federal Order about Fish Virus Disrupts Industry, Agencies, and Anglers
Fish management and fish farming in the Great Lakes has received a significant one-two punch.
Lake Superior and Michigan Fisheries: A Closer Look
An examination of the Lake Superior fishery, using Lake Michigan as a reference point.
Understanding Fisheries Management
This 36-page PDF document is a manual for understanding what our Great Lakes fishery management decisions are based on and how management decisions are made.
Hooked on Coasters
People around Lake Superior are getting hooked on remembering a unique fish - the coaster brook trout. Sea Grant and other organizations are working to restore brook trout populations in the big lake.
Siscowet Trout: A Plague of Riches
A fact sheet about Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia.
Lake Trout are Heart-Friendly
Fat can be good for you! Fish oil has been found to help prevent heart attacks. Siscowet lake trout are especially high in omega-3 fatty acids. This interview with Paul Addis, professor with the University of Minnesota, discusses the benefits of omega-3's and has tips on how to choose a good fish oil capsule.

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