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Aquaculture Links

American Fisheries Society
A professional society representing fisheries scientists, AFS promotes scientific research and management of resources, encourages education for fisheries scientists, and publishes some of the world's leading fisheries research journals, i.e. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.
Fish of Wisconsin
Here you’ll find the on-line version of Fishes of Wisconsin by George Becker. The entire book in an electronic version that's easy to read, search, and print.
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
A collaborative effort between Canada and the United States to develop coordinated research on the Great Lakes and try to eradicate or minimize sea lamprey populations.
A location to find information on seafood education, nutrition, seafood HACCP plans and training, etc.
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service - 2013 Census of Aquaculture provides a current and comprehensive picture of the aquaculture sector at the state and national level. The census collects detailed information relating to production methods, surface water acres and sources, production, sales, point of first sale outlets, and aquaculture distributed for restoration, conservation, enhancement, or recreational purposes.
USFDA Aquaculture Information
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration lists the guidance documents, sections of the Policy and Procedures Manual, research projects, and other information that are used in support of the Center for Veterinary Medicine aquaculture program.
NOAA Aquaculture Information Center
Links to a variety of aquaculture information related to programs and research of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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