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Aquaculture Articles

Food-Fish Aquaculture in Minnesota
Read about the outcomes of a workshop Sea Grant held to examine the status, trends and future for raising food-fish such as Walleye and shrimp in Minnesota.
Exploring the Potential for Northern Aquaponics at Victus Farm
Ever thought about raising fish and vegetables together in Minnesota? Local, sustainable food choices might be only a greenhouse away.
Testing the Mettle of Genetically Modified Fish
In the first-ever investigation of its kind, researchers examined the long-term consequences of letting bioengineered fish mingle with wild-type populations.
Baitfish Mean Business
Minnesota has the largest baitfish aquaculture industry in the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center area, a 12-state region. About 2000 ponds are licensed for aquaculture in Minnesota producing more than 1.7 million lbs. of baitfish annually. In Minnesota, baitfish means business!
Federal Order about Fish Virus Disrupts Industry, Agencies, and Anglers
Fish management and fish farming in the Great Lakes has received a significant one-two punch.
Cormorant Conundrm
Sea Grant-funded researchers surveyed fish farmers in Minnesota to correlate bird-related fish losses with the distribution and abundance of double-crested cormorants, American white pelicans, and great blue herons. They found that cormorants seem to cause the most severe problems for fish farmers.
Workshops Benefit from New Training Video
A 22-minute video is available to help public fish hatchery operators, fish farmers, and bait harvesters take measures to prevent spreading aquatic nuisance species through their activities.
Aquaculture Symposium Proceedings Available
The Proceedings of the Environmental Strategies for Aquaculture Symposium are available online and on a compact disk. The symposium was held in December 2000.
Kapuscinski Honored with World’s Preeminent marine Conservation Award
Anne Kapuscinski, professor of fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology and Minnesota Sea Grant's fisheries and biotechnology extension educator, was chosen as one of ten Pew Marine Conservation Fellows for 2001.
“Saftey First” for Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically modified food and animals hold promises but also cause concern. Sea Grant is working with various groups to help find ways to manage these organisms.
Expanding Seafood Safety from the Grocery Store to the Bait Store
A systematic method used to ensure food safety is now being adapted to minimize the presence of aquatic nuisance species in fish hatcheries and baitfish operations.
Raising Redtails
A popular fishing bait, the redtail chub minnow is on the decline in the wild. To help meet consumer demand and to preserve wild populations, Minnesota Sea Grant and several partners have pioneered methods to grow redtails in captivity.
Fish Farming – Is it for You?
If you are considering fish farming, this checklist can help you determine whether a fish farming enterprise is feasible for your particular situation.
Choosing an Organizational Structure for Your Aquaculture Business
There are approximately 2.3 million farms in the United States, regardless of size, all farms are a form of business and can be organized or structured in several ways.
Walleye Culture in Minnesota
Walleye is indisputably the king fish of the north. No other species elicits as much passion from the avid angler, or is more sought after.
Crayfish Aquaculture Demonstration in Minnesota Rice Paddies
Crayfish culture is the largest aquaculture industry in the United States in acreage, and is second only to catfish in total production.
Induced Reproduction in Fish
These techniques have allowed farmers to profitably breed and raise species that do not naturally reproduce in captivity, and to manipulate the timing of reproduction to suit production cycles.
Diagnosis of Fish Disease
Information to better equip culturists to prevent and handle disease outbreaks.

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